About Fibre maintenance


On the basis of our experience with guarantee and maintenance services, we have created a department providing support services

and dealing with the elements most often damaged in industrial slabs.


The huge amount of work that we have completed in the last few years has allowed us to gain experience, which we can now translate

into the functioning of our maintenance department.


In the section titled "What do we do", found below, you will find the scope and description of the various types of maintenance which

we undertake most frequently.


Please note, we are not afraid of any challenges!

The knowledge gained over 12 years of our operations, as well as the staff who are involved in the work onsite, are the elements that

allow us to take up any challenge.


What do we do?

  • 1. Fix slab defects

  • 2. Wash and clean slabs

  • 3. Polish slabs

  • 4. Fill expansion joints

  • 5. Channel through concrete for installation of the expansion

    joint profile and of expansion joints in resin

  • 6. Join flexible panels of precast floor elements

  • 7. Cut slabs

  • 8. Repair and replace ACO Drain channels

  • 9. Repair and exchange resins

  • 10. Perform and repair waterproofing

  • 11. Give opinions on the state of slabs, extending the guarantee, maintenance.

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Our mission is to pursue the goals of our clients in the most competent and professional manner.


Together we strive to create a construction reality that allows us to create technical solutions that are not only functional but also economically optimal.



Thanks to our cooperation with the technical department of BEKAERT we can propose an innovative system for the conversion of traditional reinforcement to steel fiber reinforcement.


Costs lowered by 20% with a difficult to estimate amount of time saved.





Fibre System Sp. z o.o.

ul. Jutrzenki 118

02-230 Warszawa

tel: +48 22 270 12 40

e-mail: biuro@fibre.pl



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